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Infant-Parent Training Institute

Current Offerings

The Infant-Parent Training Institute is pleased to announce the following courses being offered in the 2022-2023 school year.

Spring 2023

IPTI Speaker Series: Intersections of Infant Mental Health and Parent Mental Health

*Coming Spring 2023!

Babies and young children develop and thrive in a responsive, sensitive, and attuned relationship. This nurturing relationship provides a protective buffer to the child’s developing sense of self and helps the child manage challenges throughout their lifespan.  

In this training, we will explore four key concepts of mental health development (see below) and examine the interplay between infant/young children and their parent in a culturally sensitive framework. Home visitors will be encouraged to gain awareness of their own experiences during a visit, using these observations in their work with families. 

More info coming soon!


Fall 2022

Recent major events in our country have created an unprecedented sociopolitical context in which systemic racism has become a subject of mainstream public discourse. This context requires a reckoning of how leaders understand and mitigate the problems of racism, marginalization, and injustice in our systems of care. 

In this installment of the IPTI Speaker Series, Strengthening Families Using a Racial Equity Lens, Dr. Jessica Pryce makes a compelling argument that for professionals to change systems, they must practice looking inward. She implores leaders and community partners to identify their own personal philosophies, mindsets and values and how shifting those towards anti-racism will lead to true systemic change. She includes a discussion on evolutionary versus revolutionary efforts and offers strategies that lead to profound revolutionary change, using findings from key stakeholders on the best and most effective route to building an anti-racist community. Audiences will leave with knowledge that they can begin using right away, and with a renewed sense of connection to the nationwide movement to transform how we care for our most vulnerable clients.

Due to extenuating circumstances, we needed to make the difficult decision to cancel the upcoming IPTI Speaker Series with Dr. Pryce on October 21st. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. 

Check back soon for more IPTI opportunities!

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